Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Children's Christmas Store!!


As many of you are aware, I have been sponsoring a “Childrens Gift Shop” since 2004.  The shop I implemented is for children registered in the school system the kids are able to purchase a Christmas present for their Mom and their Dad for $2.00 a gift (only 2 gifts/child).  No Parents Allowed (you can’t peek J), while you wait outside the door, volunteers will help the children.  Perhaps some of you in the past have been pleasantly surprised to receive the gifts presented to you at Christmas.

Once again this shop has proven to be a great success in all our hearts; therefore, I am organizing another exciting afternoon for the school-aged children within the community.  In order to reach all children, the store will take place in a school afternoon where all students should be (no band, hockey, skating…).  I am asking/begging that you donate NEW items suitable for the children to purchase for their parents as a Christmas gift.  All year, I spend my time getting gifts together for this store, I separate them (Mom/Dad) and then they are stored in my home.   When the children purchase a gift for $2, they are getting a gift of greater value as well as having it wrapped and labeled by your child.

I count on all of you and your donations to keep this shopping experience alive and running every year.  If you plan on having your children attend the store, please ensure that you are providing enough gifts for others to purchase as well.  If you have nothing available,  or time is a factor, a cash donation would be appreciated and a gift will be purchased on your behalf.   Some items for donation that would be suitable are:  boxed stationery, jewellery, perfume, dishcloths, dishtowels, pictures, nail polish, pen and pencil sets, books, ornaments, wallets, bubble bath, playing cards or games, caps, coffee mugs, chocolates, toques, calculators, cologne, manicure/pedicure sets, shaving kit items, etc.  Perhaps you are “crafty” and would like to donate some home-made items as well.

I am in need of any gift bags, small boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. that could hold some of these gifts as well.  (please also remember on Christmas day to place these aside and bring to school in the new year, so I can store and have for the 2011 Children‘s Christmas Store)

The school has offered the use of the School Office again, so please drop off your donation in the box provided (thanks, Mrs. Sliva). If you have a large amount to donate, please call me so I can arrange pick up.  I check once a week for items dropped off and pick them up, bring them home and get them ready for the shop.

All proceeds will be presented to the Preeceville School, for distribution within the elementary side of school; this year the money will be applied towards purchasing a reading program.  This is a huge pay-it-forward opportunity, you can donate gifts (chance to re-gift in a positive manner), and once the children purchase a present, ALL the money is then donated back.

A huge thank you to all my volunteers, without you helping me, this dream of mine wanting to help kids enjoy and experience a loving & giving Christmas would not have come to life!  Kids, I thank you so much for stopping me in the hallway, on the street at other events, it makes me so happy that you truly enjoy this experience and look forward to it months in advance.   I do the best I can and rely heavily on the parents & communities’ participation.

Please contact me at 547-2021 Home - 547-7487 cell if you have any questions, concerns, need me to pick up donations.

A gift that not only works as a present, but as a donation to a reading program –
 this is an example of a gift that keeps on giving!!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!


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