Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Children's Christmas Store!!


As many of you are aware, I have been sponsoring a “Childrens Gift Shop” since 2004.  The shop I implemented is for children registered in the school system the kids are able to purchase a Christmas present for their Mom and their Dad for $2.00 a gift (only 2 gifts/child).  No Parents Allowed (you can’t peek J), while you wait outside the door, volunteers will help the children.  Perhaps some of you in the past have been pleasantly surprised to receive the gifts presented to you at Christmas.

Once again this shop has proven to be a great success in all our hearts; therefore, I am organizing another exciting afternoon for the school-aged children within the community.  In order to reach all children, the store will take place in a school afternoon where all students should be (no band, hockey, skating…).  I am asking/begging that you donate NEW items suitable for the children to purchase for their parents as a Christmas gift.  All year, I spend my time getting gifts together for this store, I separate them (Mom/Dad) and then they are stored in my home.   When the children purchase a gift for $2, they are getting a gift of greater value as well as having it wrapped and labeled by your child.

I count on all of you and your donations to keep this shopping experience alive and running every year.  If you plan on having your children attend the store, please ensure that you are providing enough gifts for others to purchase as well.  If you have nothing available,  or time is a factor, a cash donation would be appreciated and a gift will be purchased on your behalf.   Some items for donation that would be suitable are:  boxed stationery, jewellery, perfume, dishcloths, dishtowels, pictures, nail polish, pen and pencil sets, books, ornaments, wallets, bubble bath, playing cards or games, caps, coffee mugs, chocolates, toques, calculators, cologne, manicure/pedicure sets, shaving kit items, etc.  Perhaps you are “crafty” and would like to donate some home-made items as well.

I am in need of any gift bags, small boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. that could hold some of these gifts as well.  (please also remember on Christmas day to place these aside and bring to school in the new year, so I can store and have for the 2011 Children‘s Christmas Store)

The school has offered the use of the School Office again, so please drop off your donation in the box provided (thanks, Mrs. Sliva). If you have a large amount to donate, please call me so I can arrange pick up.  I check once a week for items dropped off and pick them up, bring them home and get them ready for the shop.

All proceeds will be presented to the Preeceville School, for distribution within the elementary side of school; this year the money will be applied towards purchasing a reading program.  This is a huge pay-it-forward opportunity, you can donate gifts (chance to re-gift in a positive manner), and once the children purchase a present, ALL the money is then donated back.

A huge thank you to all my volunteers, without you helping me, this dream of mine wanting to help kids enjoy and experience a loving & giving Christmas would not have come to life!  Kids, I thank you so much for stopping me in the hallway, on the street at other events, it makes me so happy that you truly enjoy this experience and look forward to it months in advance.   I do the best I can and rely heavily on the parents & communities’ participation.

Please contact me at 547-2021 Home - 547-7487 cell if you have any questions, concerns, need me to pick up donations.

A gift that not only works as a present, but as a donation to a reading program –
 this is an example of a gift that keeps on giving!!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Note Time!

I love creating these little post-it note holders (you just place the stick pad on the holder and use one at a time - i put up other ideas here{scroll down}), how can they not bring a smile to your face when you jot down a message. Something fun to jazz up your desk, bedside table or wherever you need to write it down [careful, they may just walk away with it]!

You can find this fabulous Urban Lily paper at this blog.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a door Hanger?..

I created this holder using Kiki Art product...

Door Hanger covered in paper, and then the flap is folded over and held closed using magnets hidden under paper strips.   (picture is on Kiki Art blog)

Now when i need a quick not jotted, i reach for this holder and inside is a little pencil and post-its. enjoy

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do you see?

I love to look at goodies and see something so totally different or that it can be altered.. (if the kids stood still long enough, I would probably cover them in paper too :)

Hope you enjoyed my post at Kiki Art... now for some other goodies made using Hot Air Balloon paper.

Would love to hear from you - share some love!
Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love in a container?

Is it possible to keep decorating Take Out containers? I love doing these, and they are a gift within a gift!

Once again, you can pick up Kiki Art products and get 'er dun!!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer Fun

I know I am missing the pool in the yard and the giggle of kids as they run through my house leaving water everywher... "{SMACK}".. wakeup.. Okay, i don't miss the water everywhere.. but i do miss the pool & hot sun, this serves as a great reminder though..

want to see more, head to Kiki Art!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


well not something you can rest your head on, but you CAN rest this pillow box on a pillow!!! lol

just wanted to show a cute little project, hope this gives you a little mojo in your creativity.

all products are Kiki Art

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take me out...

Wouldn't you just love something in these little take out containers... i would!! {hmmm, wonder if i can fill them up with a sparkly present from Me to ME}

I just covered these up with fabulous Kiki Art products (go check out the link) & voila!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

It starts Outside..

What's that saying?  "Package the Present with love", "It starts with the wrapping", "Creative Packaging", "Gift with Love"..  all of these apply.   How nice is it to get a goodie and then to receive a great presentation.   You are so worth it!!

I created this gift bags for Teacher, Bus Driver & Friends... all created using Kiki Art and made with lots of Love, enjoy!!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

feels like yesterday...

I can't believe in a few days my baby is going to walk to the bus for a drive to Kindergarten...  Want to see more, would love your support over at Kiki Art!!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

DT Submission Extended

Kiki Art has extended her DT deadline... If you are looking for an amazing CANADIAN team, you need to apply here! The talent is as amazing as the owner, Kiki!!

" so we decided to extend the Deadline for the KIKI ART DT Call… so, only a few more days until the 15th of September. If you haven’t applied yet, I hope you can catch up!!!.

The new team term will begin in OCTOBER 2010!!! " submit

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Key to my Heart


Here is a card I put together using Kiki Art products...  I love the glittered chipboard, watercoloring the key was so very soothing for me - i LOVE to color..    This card really makes me smile, can you feel all the love wrapped in it?!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you know how Beautiful you are?

ever get that email,  phone call, message at the right time?   Well I did - this was something I needed today, and I thought for sure someone else in my life also needs this lift!!   hugs to you - Beautiful Person!!!
Do you know how beautiful you are?

Standing there.
Sitting there.
Waiting there.
Breathing there.

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Pumping gas.
Feeding your children.
Sitting in your cubicle.
Loading the dishwasher.
Running on the treadmill.
Standing in line at the grocery store.
Do you know how beautiful you are?

Wearing sweat pants.
No make-up.
Jeans two sizes too small (or too big).
Spanx hidden beneath your clingy dress.
Pajamas (because you are just running an errand and who will see you?)

Do you know how beautiful you are?

With laugh lines that are forming around your mouth.
Gray hairs sprinkled around your temples.
Ten (or 20 or 50) pounds you’ve been wanting to lose.
Hair growing too much in some places and not enough in others.
Sags and bags and lines and creases.
Pimples and dimples and ripples and rolls.

Do you know how beautiful you are?

As the weight of the unknown rests between your ears.
What should I cook for dinner?
Will I make it to my appointment on time?
How will I pay the phone bill this month?
Will I ever have time for me?
What would happen if I lost my job?
What would happen if I quit my job?
When will I be happy?
How will I be happy?
What will make me happy?

Do you know how beautiful you are?

With all of your hopes.

Do you know how beautiful you are?

When across the room.
Behind you in line.
Next to you on the elevator.
Is a woman who sees you.
Because she is you.
She sees you and catches her breath
Because she sees who you are

She is wondering if you know how beautiful you are
And is wishing she had her camera with her so that she could show you.
**This was from Darrah Parker website - thank you Darragh for the beautiful words **

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Layouts of Dad


I am so thankful to Tammy for loaning me some product & paper cutter, to Christine & Lois for sending me scrapbooking goodies in the mail, after answering my plea for some goodies to keep me busy while dad was in the hospital.

As you now are aware, my dad is now with mom watching over us. For dad's Celebration of Life, i took a bunch of "dad, papa, grandpa, bob" pictures and I because of your generosity & kindness, I was able to create layouts that I placed on Poster Board for all to look at and enjoy!

You can see that we had a screen of dad's images playing, we also had two digital frames on the table as well as framed photo's. The empty vase was where the 3 grand-daughters placed hand-picked wildflowers, as those are what dad loved. There are two bigger vases flaking the table (the tall one is for Carol and the shorter one on the left is for me) - we chose these as there is trees and perennials in them so we can plant in his memory at our house. The other flowers were from friends & family - thank you.

Hope you enjoy the following pictures, i know dad is smiling while sitting with mom watching over us.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Celebration of Life!!


September 4, 1931 to July 31, 2010

 We are heartbroken to announce the loss of our dad, Bob Thomson, after a lengthy illness.   His strength, courage and determination inspired his family and friends, as well as the medical community.  Bob is lovingly remembered by his daughter Carol (Brian) Stuart, son Raymond Thomson (Margaret Shkimba), daughter Linda (Daren) Shewchuk as well as his cherished granddaughters, Whitney, Christina and Shanae.  He is also survived by his siblings Bill (Klare) Thomson, Beverly Marshall, and Betty (Chuck) Smith along with sister-in-law June Thomson and numerous other relatives.   Bob was predeceased by his loving wife of over 48 years, Bernice, youngest brother Alan, and his parents, Robert & Olive Thomson. 

Bob was born in Empress, Alberta.  He grew up working on the farm in Innisfail and then joined the R.C.A.F in 1951 where he trained as a radar and communications technician.  He was stationed in Ontario for 3 years before transferring to the Penhold Base in 1955 where he met Bernice at a dance.  They married in 1956.  After leaving the Air Force, he apprenticed as a welder.  Bob worked for Canadian Western Natural Gas for over 20 years.  He bought his own welding outfit, then eventually worked as a field superintendent, followed by contract inspecting for CWNG.  He retired in 2000.  Bob & Bernice enjoyed travelling and spent many enjoyable winters in the southern U.S. in their 5th wheel along with numerous other memorable trips.   Bob took pleasure in having family and friends visit the farm, especially after Bernice passed away in 2005.  He always loved the outdoors.  In recent years, he liked sitting in his sunroom watching the wildlife.  His penchant for chocolate bars and drive thru’s was well known.

The family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Bob’s numerous healthcare providers over the last few years - they not only took excellent care of Dad but also took the time to care for & share with us as well.  A celebration of Bob’s life will be held in Okotoks, Alberta on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at the Snodgrass Funeral Home followed by a light luncheon.

If so desired, memorial donations can be made to STARS, Peter Lougheed Centre of the General Hospital, and/or the Oilfields General Hospital.

No memory is ever alone; it's at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own associations. - Louis L'Amour

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

50% OFF - Amazing Deals


$2, $4, $6, for 8...It’s You We Appreciate!  Amazing deals at more than 50% off to show our thanks to you!

We are shouting from the rooftops how much we love and appreciate you! 
It only makes sense to pass along our appreciation with amazing deals.  So for 8 days, August 4 through August 11 (while supplies last), you can purchase select My Stickease® Assortments for only $2 US/CAN, My Reflections® Level 1 kits for only $4, and My Reflections® Level 2 paper packets for only $6 online.
  Click on the “$2, $4, $6, for 8 Sale” link to the left to shop these amazing deals for yourself. You’ll want to shout for joy, too!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Card Challenge - PRIZES!!

Kiki-Art is sponsoring this week’s challenge on the Kah-Wink-E-Dink blog!

Go over and check it out! Starting July 27th, upload your card there for a chance to win a prize pack of the Amor line

For a second chance to win, head over to Tammy's blog (Kiki Art DT member), letting her know that you uploaded your project using Kiki-Art product to our Facebook page gallery.

A Winner will be drawn from comments left on the KIah-Wink-E-Dink blog - August 3rd!

Enjoy! Have fun and show me your Kiki Art!!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!


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