Monday, August 16, 2010

Layouts of Dad

I am so thankful to Tammy for loaning me some product & paper cutter, to Christine & Lois for sending me scrapbooking goodies in the mail, after answering my plea for some goodies to keep me busy while dad was in the hospital.

As you now are aware, my dad is now with mom watching over us. For dad's Celebration of Life, i took a bunch of "dad, papa, grandpa, bob" pictures and I because of your generosity & kindness, I was able to create layouts that I placed on Poster Board for all to look at and enjoy!

You can see that we had a screen of dad's images playing, we also had two digital frames on the table as well as framed photo's. The empty vase was where the 3 grand-daughters placed hand-picked wildflowers, as those are what dad loved. There are two bigger vases flaking the table (the tall one is for Carol and the shorter one on the left is for me) - we chose these as there is trees and perennials in them so we can plant in his memory at our house. The other flowers were from friends & family - thank you.

Hope you enjoy the following pictures, i know dad is smiling while sitting with mom watching over us.

Would love to hear from you - share some love!


Carla said...

Linda, they are precious, especially those done by your girlies! How sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful memories. I especially like the ones with your daughters creations on them. Gail D.

Anonymous said...

lovely layouts of rememberance


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