Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Card Challenge - PRIZES!!

Kiki-Art is sponsoring this week’s challenge on the Kah-Wink-E-Dink blog!

Go over and check it out! Starting July 27th, upload your card there for a chance to win a prize pack of the Amor line

For a second chance to win, head over to Tammy's blog (Kiki Art DT member), letting her know that you uploaded your project using Kiki-Art product to our Facebook page gallery.

A Winner will be drawn from comments left on the KIah-Wink-E-Dink blog - August 3rd!

Enjoy! Have fun and show me your Kiki Art!!!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Design Team Call - Kiki Art

The time has finally arrived! We are thrilled to announce the Kiki Art 2010 – 2011 Design Team call for this upcoming winter/spring! We are looking for talented and committed designers who love to create with bright and fun products. To apply, please email your application entitled Kiki Art DT Call to sarah@kiki-art.com with the following information:

1. A little bit about yourself.   When did you start scrapbooking?   How would you define your style?   Are you on any other design teams?    Have you been published before  Why would you make a great addition to our team?   Please note that previous design team experience is not required.  Be sure to include your first and last name, city/state/country, and your email address.

2. A link to your online gallery and/or blog so that we may get a general feel of your work. If you have a scrapbook resume, please feel free to send it in your application.

3. A scan or photograph of three (3) scrapbook layouts, one (1) card, and one (1) other project that displays your style. We would love to see projects that use Kiki Art products, but all applications will be considered.

All applications must be received by August 23rd.
Those invited to join the team will be notified via email, and the new team will be announced on the blog in early September.

New design team members will serve for six (6) months beginning in September 2010.  Designers will be required to create a minimum of three (3) projects each month, participate on the design team forum, promote Kiki Art, etc. Designers will receive all products needed to complete their assignments, and compensation of published work will be negotiated.

If you have any questions regarding the DT call, please direct them to Sarah at sarah@kiki-art.com. Good luck to all those that apply, and we look forward to seeing all of your applications!

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HO HO HO Hold on tight!!!

Oh My Gosh!!! I am in fa la laa laaa la land!! You all know how much I love Christmas, every room, every spot, outside inside in my home is decorated for Christmas, even my Truck!!

Well look how Kiki has "read my mind" so easy!! Check out the collection that will be coming soon, need help getting it - let me know, I have been known to wear my "enabling" badge proudly!!

Again - we have one Rocking Reindeer cruising with Santa!!

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'Tis the Season!!

Holy Snorkling Rudolph (you are saying this the same as Holy Smoke Batman!!! - that's the other sneak from yesterday...lol)

Tis the Season to be snorkling with Rudolph... ooooh ya, can't wait to see more from this collection - check out Kiki Art Facebook "Like" us & be at the top of all the new releases, CHA action and in fact help us Name the Newsletter... You can also hop along and check out Kiki Art's Design Team ladies and see what sneak peeks they have posted.

Interested in getting your inky fingers on this collection, let me know i will enable..ooops I mean help you!!! Happy Creating!   Now share your comments, interested in seeing something you love on a paper line - let me know!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am on Fire For you baby!!!!

Kiki Art just keeps on getting HOTTER- here is a little sneak peek of another line being released!!!    OOOOOh I know, I am a sneaky little WITCH!!!!    lol

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you ready to Party??

I AM - well at least with some fabulous Paper products from Kiki Art!!   I am sad that i can't be with some talented people at CHA, but i am proud to be able to offer some sneek peeks into some new lines coming!!!  

Stay tuned all this week - some goodies are coming!!!    Don't forget to enter the Name The Newsletter competition at Kiki Art as well!!!

Without further delay - here is Party Animal!!! 

since each DT member is putting up a sneek peek, you may want to HOP along and see what else is out there...   
Kiki Art Blog        Fleur      Jillian      Stephanie     Tammy 
Virgina     Ann-Katrin      Annika      Carole     Einat      Ellen
Katrina     Keeley      Lynda       Meghan        Ria
Ria      Sarah       Sophia       Vivi

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Name that Newsletter!!

Do you want in on the latest and greatest news from Kiki Art?

Do you want inside information from Kiki Art Design Team members and Kiki herself?

Do you want inspirations, projects, and more?

Well, the wait is almost over. Kiki Art is working behind the scenes to bring you a Kiki Art NEWSLETTER!!

We wanted to include Kiki Art fans in this fresh new creation. So, we are letting YOU….the Kiki Art Fans…NAME THE NEWSLETTER!    That’s right! We are having a contest.

So leave a comment on Kiki Art Facebook page or Kiki Art blog with your name idea. Come up with more than one, no problem. We know that sometimes that creative mojo gets to flowing and you just can’t stop it!

We will narrow it down..then Kiki and the Design Team will pick the winning name.  The deadline for entering your name idea is July 31, 2010.

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

**PLEASE, I need Scrapbooking Supplies!

As most of you are now aware, i quickly had to leave my house in SK in an incredible rush as I rec'd a call at 11 p.m. that my dad was being airlifted from one hospital to another....  I managed to grab a couple of outfits for me and my girls, have gotten a couple more here as well as some toys and coloring for them.

**I need Scrapbooking SUPPLIES ****

I have my laptop and am able to now work from the farm as i borrowed my sisters aircard... here, is my request.   I need scrapbooking supplies - cutter, scissors, healing mat, paper, product (especially Kiki Art, Urban Lily)!!    I am here for a long time, and need some scrapbooking to keep me busy & take my mind off running overtime.   I travel to Calgary (Lougheed Hospital) everyday with my girls and can try to meet up with you.   I can either return the product, or i will take it home with me (have no idea how long i will be here.. but we are hunkering down for the summer at least) and then donate it to Children's Hospital - I would love to pay you back with product (I have a ton at home...).

Update on my dad - he was removed from ICU tonight and now is on a different floor and is still in isolation unit as bad Pneumonia.   He is still weak, hard to get up and stand or sitting position.  His stats are looking good, but he is strugling lots with breathing and normal activities like getting in pulled up position.  We are taking it day by day and hope that his incredible strength prevails again.   Thank you to all those that have been there for me and my girls supporting us, offering positive thoughts & words of encouragement.  ...as for me - well I am moment by moment, it's incredibly hard watching someone I love (again) go through all this pain, I am glad I have my girls with me as i find I cry less when they are around.  (the last time dad was admitted was a long 6.5 weeks w/o seeing my girls..)

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Kiki Art - Sneak Peeks


Sunny Bay Collection for the Summer

 check out what is coming up.. follow Kiki's exciting summer!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Monday, July 12, 2010

100 things to do for great summer photos!!

Spend your summer with your kiddos AND your camera.

  1. Print out the following file and cut out all of the “prompts.”
  2. Put the prompts into a jar….draw one out anytime you would like some “inspiration.”
  3. This is a great way to spend a lazy summer day.
  4. Follow the activity prompt, pull out your camera, and just have fun!!!
  5. Both you and your kiddos will have a blast.
  6. Play a card game. (uno, go fish, etc.)
  7. Play a board game. (candyland, monopoly, checkers)
  8. Go to the beach.
  9. Start back to school supply shopping.
  10. Visit a state park.
  11. Build a sand castle.
  12. Visit a local museum
  13. Grow some flowers.
  14. Grow vegetables.
  15. Have a sleepover.
  16. Go to a carnival or state fair.
  17. Have a sidewalk chalk art show.
  18. Take a hike.
  19. Make fresh lemonade.
  20. Read a chapter book.
  21. Make ice cream.
  22. Go on a bike ride.
  23. Go fishing.
  24. Take a boat ride.
  25. Blow bubbles.
  26. Eat a watermelon.
  27. Build a fort out of sheets.
  28. Press summer flowers.
  29. Build a lego castle together.
  30. Fly a kite.
  31. Go to an outdoor concert.
  32. Make fairy and leprechaun houses.
  33. Make them out of bark, moss, leaves and sticks.
  34. Watch the fireworks.
  35. Light some sparklers.
  36. Pick your own fruits/veggies
  37. Play outside in the rain
  38. Play in the sprinkler and hose
  39. Quiet time…reading
  40. Cook out
  41. Make s’mores
  42. Camp out in the backyard
  43. Create a nature journal of what you find in your yard.
  44. Plant a garden.
  45. Visit a petting zoo (or regular zoo or a working farm)
  46. Go to the park.
  47. Rearrange your bedroom
  48. Visit the local farmer’s market.
  49. Have a picnic.
  50. Write and draw a comic book.
  51. Collect rocks or seashells.
  52. Make homemade playdough.
  53. Make paper airplanes
  54. Visit the library.
  55. Learn how to skip stones.
  56. Go climb a tree.
  57. Eat a popsicle
  58. Go to a garage sale.
  59. Read a book of riddles.
  60. Make a puppet show.
  61. Create a scavenger hunt.
  62. Play hide and seek.
  63. Have a garage sale.
  64. Watch all your old family movies on a rainy day.
  65. Write a letter to a loved one far away
  66. Write a letter to a soldier serving overseas.
  67. Bake cookies.
  68. Make jell-o
  69. Keep a journal.
  70. Have a playdate at your house.
  71. Tie dye t-shirts.
  72. Catch frogs.
  73. Stare at the clouds.
  74. Make banana splits.
  75. Go on a nature walk and collect cool treasures.
  76. Play catch.
  77. Paint a watercolor self portrait.
  78. Go swimming.
  79. Ride on public transportation.
  80. Go feed the ducks.
  81. Watch the stars at night.
  82. Collect fireflies in a jar.
  83. Make a hanging mobile out of sticks, string and other treasures you find.
  84. Make sun tea.
  85. Play musical chairs.
  86. Play hopscotch
  87. Have a water balloon fight.
  88. Fill a kiddie pool up in the back yard and play!
  89. Host a block party potluck.
  90. Play tag.
  91. Go to the local golf course and ride on a golf cart and hit some balls.
  92. Look for the rainbow after a rainstorm.
  93. Go watch a baseball game.
  94. Write a fan letter to your favorite celebrity.
  95. Watch the planes take off and land at the airport.
  96. Get an ice cream from the ice cream truck.
  97. Learn how to make braided friendship bracelets.
  98. Wash the car in your bathing suits.
  99. Make a fort out of a big box. Decorate it.
  100. Make a home video.
  101. Create life size portraits…lay on the ground and trace each other, then decorate.
  102. Go to story time at the local book store or library.
And more importantly.... have a great summer, take pics, and scrap away!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I have been stalking the animals for this shot!!!

It's been about 3 years since we had over 48 Moose on one Quarter Section (160 acres) - 17 bull moose -  on our Canola field during the winter months.   Satellite imaging showed that this was the highest amount of moose in one area in SK - was starting to be called the moose capital of Saskatchewan - accoring to DNR  (Dept. of Natural Resources - wildlife).

We used to have a Cow and her calf that lived just beside the house, i would get Christina walking to the bus, as the Cow and her calf went the opposite way.   The bus would come and do tours.  At night we were on the watch for poachers as it was an open target.   The moose came to the "Shewchuck corner" because that year we voluntary canola came up on the quarter, and apparently they loved the 'cabbage type' leaves.

Since then we have been having a Cow and her twins - yes twins, every year.  We see them all the time and I never get a picture.   While we were roasting weiners during quad trip July 6th - off in the distance was "my shot", now i only have my Sony Cyber Shot  (DSC-H3) 8.1 mp and was able to get this shot...

Aren't they cute, I always see the calf when it's a year old and "gangly" looking - so happy to see the calves!!
Now my next shot will be a close-up - stay tuned!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

CTMH = Convention in Washington

here are the Stamp of the Months...   scroll down for more photos..

here's some more pics... scroll down for 1st post

Lots of excitement at this years convention...  here's some news
  • 8 new summer colors
  • opaque pearls 108 in 4 sizes
  • mix & mingle 4x4 mini album - 3clear pages & 5 chipboard pages
  • 12x12 flip flaps
  • hooligan felt back stickers
  • mistletoe accents
  • designer shimmer brads
  • foundry flourishes
  • New how to MAGIC book shows interactive pages, spinners, waterfalls, with a DVD!
  • designer shimmer brads
  • 5 new faux leather albums
  • studio J - 10 new patterns and more editing and colors - memberships!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Wildlife shots

thought you may enjoy seeing some more fabulous sights around here.  First shot is our baby kildeer - you saw them earlier as eggs, then just hatched - and now look running around - so cute & fast...  Then you see tadpoles (they are the length of my hand... huge), then we found mud hen eggs..., lastly out in our field thousands of snails - crazy...

Would love to hear from you - share some love!


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