Thursday, July 15, 2010

**PLEASE, I need Scrapbooking Supplies!

As most of you are now aware, i quickly had to leave my house in SK in an incredible rush as I rec'd a call at 11 p.m. that my dad was being airlifted from one hospital to another....  I managed to grab a couple of outfits for me and my girls, have gotten a couple more here as well as some toys and coloring for them.

**I need Scrapbooking SUPPLIES ****

I have my laptop and am able to now work from the farm as i borrowed my sisters aircard... here, is my request.   I need scrapbooking supplies - cutter, scissors, healing mat, paper, product (especially Kiki Art, Urban Lily)!!    I am here for a long time, and need some scrapbooking to keep me busy & take my mind off running overtime.   I travel to Calgary (Lougheed Hospital) everyday with my girls and can try to meet up with you.   I can either return the product, or i will take it home with me (have no idea how long i will be here.. but we are hunkering down for the summer at least) and then donate it to Children's Hospital - I would love to pay you back with product (I have a ton at home...).

Update on my dad - he was removed from ICU tonight and now is on a different floor and is still in isolation unit as bad Pneumonia.   He is still weak, hard to get up and stand or sitting position.  His stats are looking good, but he is strugling lots with breathing and normal activities like getting in pulled up position.  We are taking it day by day and hope that his incredible strength prevails again.   Thank you to all those that have been there for me and my girls supporting us, offering positive thoughts & words of encouragement. for me - well I am moment by moment, it's incredibly hard watching someone I love (again) go through all this pain, I am glad I have my girls with me as i find I cry less when they are around.  (the last time dad was admitted was a long 6.5 weeks w/o seeing my girls..)

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

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