Monday, July 12, 2010

100 things to do for great summer photos!!

Spend your summer with your kiddos AND your camera.

  1. Print out the following file and cut out all of the “prompts.”
  2. Put the prompts into a jar….draw one out anytime you would like some “inspiration.”
  3. This is a great way to spend a lazy summer day.
  4. Follow the activity prompt, pull out your camera, and just have fun!!!
  5. Both you and your kiddos will have a blast.
  6. Play a card game. (uno, go fish, etc.)
  7. Play a board game. (candyland, monopoly, checkers)
  8. Go to the beach.
  9. Start back to school supply shopping.
  10. Visit a state park.
  11. Build a sand castle.
  12. Visit a local museum
  13. Grow some flowers.
  14. Grow vegetables.
  15. Have a sleepover.
  16. Go to a carnival or state fair.
  17. Have a sidewalk chalk art show.
  18. Take a hike.
  19. Make fresh lemonade.
  20. Read a chapter book.
  21. Make ice cream.
  22. Go on a bike ride.
  23. Go fishing.
  24. Take a boat ride.
  25. Blow bubbles.
  26. Eat a watermelon.
  27. Build a fort out of sheets.
  28. Press summer flowers.
  29. Build a lego castle together.
  30. Fly a kite.
  31. Go to an outdoor concert.
  32. Make fairy and leprechaun houses.
  33. Make them out of bark, moss, leaves and sticks.
  34. Watch the fireworks.
  35. Light some sparklers.
  36. Pick your own fruits/veggies
  37. Play outside in the rain
  38. Play in the sprinkler and hose
  39. Quiet time…reading
  40. Cook out
  41. Make s’mores
  42. Camp out in the backyard
  43. Create a nature journal of what you find in your yard.
  44. Plant a garden.
  45. Visit a petting zoo (or regular zoo or a working farm)
  46. Go to the park.
  47. Rearrange your bedroom
  48. Visit the local farmer’s market.
  49. Have a picnic.
  50. Write and draw a comic book.
  51. Collect rocks or seashells.
  52. Make homemade playdough.
  53. Make paper airplanes
  54. Visit the library.
  55. Learn how to skip stones.
  56. Go climb a tree.
  57. Eat a popsicle
  58. Go to a garage sale.
  59. Read a book of riddles.
  60. Make a puppet show.
  61. Create a scavenger hunt.
  62. Play hide and seek.
  63. Have a garage sale.
  64. Watch all your old family movies on a rainy day.
  65. Write a letter to a loved one far away
  66. Write a letter to a soldier serving overseas.
  67. Bake cookies.
  68. Make jell-o
  69. Keep a journal.
  70. Have a playdate at your house.
  71. Tie dye t-shirts.
  72. Catch frogs.
  73. Stare at the clouds.
  74. Make banana splits.
  75. Go on a nature walk and collect cool treasures.
  76. Play catch.
  77. Paint a watercolor self portrait.
  78. Go swimming.
  79. Ride on public transportation.
  80. Go feed the ducks.
  81. Watch the stars at night.
  82. Collect fireflies in a jar.
  83. Make a hanging mobile out of sticks, string and other treasures you find.
  84. Make sun tea.
  85. Play musical chairs.
  86. Play hopscotch
  87. Have a water balloon fight.
  88. Fill a kiddie pool up in the back yard and play!
  89. Host a block party potluck.
  90. Play tag.
  91. Go to the local golf course and ride on a golf cart and hit some balls.
  92. Look for the rainbow after a rainstorm.
  93. Go watch a baseball game.
  94. Write a fan letter to your favorite celebrity.
  95. Watch the planes take off and land at the airport.
  96. Get an ice cream from the ice cream truck.
  97. Learn how to make braided friendship bracelets.
  98. Wash the car in your bathing suits.
  99. Make a fort out of a big box. Decorate it.
  100. Make a home video.
  101. Create life size portraits…lay on the ground and trace each other, then decorate.
  102. Go to story time at the local book store or library.
And more importantly.... have a great summer, take pics, and scrap away!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

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