Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more H1N1 info...

I know I am still researching and finding facts - remember a well-informed decision is the right decision for anyone.

I know that everyone has the right to make the decision for themselves & their family - i KNOW you will make the right decision! I am looking at all pro's & con's to help me with my children's decision - arghhhh... I am glad we are given the right to choose, but this one is a head scratcher - I want to do the best for my girls...hmmm


Thanks to all that are sendign me info, and allowing communication. Knowledge is power!
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Stampin Shari said...

I was dead set against getting the h1n1 shot...but now that the option is here...i've also been doing research...and think i've changed my mind! it's scary to see healthy 10 and 13 year old children dying from this...i figure if i can protect my children...i should...tough decision though!


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