Saturday, November 21, 2009

Homemade Cleaners

I love finding new things, fun things and most of all love it when these apply to the task of cleaning! Sometimes just cranking up the stereo and hitting the hosework path, doesnt' cut it - saving money and helping the environment kicks it up a notch... bam! (a little Emeril there)

Enjoy this Cleaner site & pass on my blog link to all your friends & family as well! Have an Awesome Day!

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Karen of the KAGS said...

Were you blogging from SK Scraps, while you were in the classroom?

Linda Shewchuk said...

hee hee - come on you know i am a multitasker!! (ruler, knife, trimmer, scissors in one hand - paper and embellies in the other!)

Hope to see you soon!


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