Thursday, December 10, 2009

this bum's me out really bad...

I have been working hard faxing, email, phoning, visiting - using all and any spare (what is that?!) time to try and gather donations for my Children's Christmas Store.

i sat and filled out a 4/5 page form for Air Canada, answering and writing tons of information and this is what i get... really, did they even read what i wrote, check out the website - make any calls. I get a PFO (please *forget* our reading...)letter that really is about saying no to kids... Perhaps i am being overly sensitive, just really not happy right now with Air Canada - a more personalized PFO than this one!! All the travel we have given them... hrumph!!

Linda Shewchuk
Good Tidings 4 u

Dear Linda Shewchuk,

You submitted a proposal seeking Air Canada's support.

We read your proposal with interest and upon careful consideration, we are regrettably unable to provide the requested support.

Air Canada receives many requests for donations and sponsorships from many worthy charitable and non-profit organizations every year. The volume of requests obliges us to make difficult choices amongst the many commendable projects that are brought to our attention.

We do appreciate your consideration of Air Canada as a partner in your efforts and extend our best wishes for the success of your endeavours.


Suzana Bulhoes
Community Investments Manager

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