Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cardboard Dog Sled Races

Christina, Desrai & Kaeley working incredibly hard on their entry. In the end....


Roxy Racer
2 rolls of silver duct tape
1 roll of yellow duct tape
plastic for sliding
tons of decorations
looking up "musher slang"
testing out the sliding in snow
decorating hats
.... loads of laughter, catching breath and kicking butt in racing!!

*** Team Spirit - Best Decorated (out of 8 teams) ****

PRICELESS fun - way to go girls - you ROCK!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Linda you are heaps loud, I think you had more fun than the girls hehehe

Karen of the KAGS said...

That is so fun! I may have to suggest this to .....someone!

PS - just had to come back & share he word verification I just got:-

& people all over the land nod their heads as they remember the last time the family doc kept them waiting!
u late dr!!!

Linda Shewchuk said...

Annmaree -you are right - it was such a blast and this was the 3rd time around the track - they were tired (i would have been the 1st half lap).. Stacey was videoing with my camera and i was taking pic's... yep, microphone was too close to me!! lol

Karen - baaaa haa haa.. i love the verification. Hey if you need any help on this - ask - this is the Prototype & all future royalties can be sent to me!!! lol

Helen said...

Way to go girls! That was awesome!!!

Michelle said...

Hi, Linda! I added a couple extra RAKs and you won the cup mini album that I added extra by itself.
Could you please send me your addy ist
on today post my email.
Thanks for coming by my blog!!
Love the sled idea!!


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