Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slave Lake & Manitoba

My heart is going out to those who have lost everything due to the Fire that ravaged Slave Lake and of course I am continuing to pray for the Flooding in Manitoba

I was massively purging on the weekend and wasn't quite sure yet where I was going to donate "my stashes". Well Sunday at 1 am that answer came to me as I learned about the devastation in Slave Lake. Since then I have been phoning people, sending emails and posting onto every Facebook page I was able to.

I have been calling people & places to find a place where we can drop off donations here in Saskatchewan!! Yahoo SK Peeps, Walmart's in Saskatoon is accepting your donations to Slave Lake!! ** for my area, I am waiting to hear about Yorkton, as the Manager wasn't in store today.

**If YOU have something to donate, I will be pleased to come get it and deliver it for you. Please direct your monetary donations to Red Cross where you can specify where you want the money directed. DO NOT send cash, please ensure it is a reputable business if money is requested.

If you are in another area of Province, please contact your local Walmart as bulletin's are being sent from Head Office to locations.
Thank you Walmart <3 Would love to hear from you - share some love!

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