Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soooooooo Excited!!!

I now have my Lia Sophia website up and running!!

Super excited as the Jewellery is amazing. The prices are phenomenal. There are 173 styles $35 & under.... 339 styles $50 & under...
now, you know why I became an Advisor - you can own some of the hottest accessories out there, even the stars love to wear Lia Sophia.

You can complement your wardrobes, increase style while watching the budget. The slides are a fantastic value - the look wonderful on chains, cords and omegas, and can be a distinctive look. Long necklaces can be worn doubled, layered or mixed - get multiple options out of a single piece.

Want a catalog - please contact me so we can make arrangements. Online parties can be held in the comfort of your home as well, so even if you are near or far, you can share in expanding your jewellery collection. Interested in becoming an Advisor (oh you will not regret it), it is $140 + taxes for the month of Sept. (Regular is $165)... that's right - the starter kit you receive has 24 pieces & is over $1100 regular product pricing!!! Now that is a DEAL

Genuine mother-of-pearl, silver baroque filigree, onyx, freshwater pearls, Tiger's eye, quartz, Gold, Silver, Color - something for everyone!!

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Theresa99 said...

That's great! Got a website address???? LOL

Theresa :)


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