Monday, April 5, 2010

Manners - do you have them?

This has been a question that just keeps popping up. When you receive a gift - wedding, birthday, baby, holiday, etc. - do you send a thank you note, phone and thank the person or nothing!

My thoughts and common courtesy on this subject is:
Acknowledge and say Thank You - send a note!!

In this day and age, seems like Miss Manners is out of a job. My family has sent wedding gifts, baby gifts, Christmas gifts, special out of the way B.D gifts. (cheer up or feel better gifts from us don't warrant an acknowledgement) If i wasn't going to get a polite message back, then I certainly wouldn't have driven somewhere, purchased a gift, wrapped it up, had my girls write a note or picture, then paid for postage for shipping/or dropped it off. Really, let me know earlier that you plan on doing nothing, and i will not waste my time, certainly wouldn't want to put you out!

You should have that "firing mechanism" in your brain that tells you to be polite (say please and thank you)- cripes, even my girls acknowledge and send off thank you notes or pics...

I know the people that i am speaking of have been brought up better than that, or so I thought. For the sake of teaching your children properly - start now and acknowledge - it's never too late - EVER!!!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!


Carla said...

Good points! Seems like manners have gone out the window :-(

Anonymous said...

SO TRUE, what are parents teaching kids, if they are not teaching them how to behave properly...

and they wonder why at 16 their kids go nuts!? LOL

Sara said...

I have friends and family that make fun of me because I make our three and one year old send thank you notes. I write thank you (name) on the top of the page and love, (child's name) on the bottom and then give it to the kids with crayons so they can scribble/draw all over it. My three year old has already figured out that he does not get to play with whatever was given to him until he draws them a picture.


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