Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning - HELP - Donations

I am not sure if I shared this with you or not but I run a Children's Christmas Since it is time for Spring & the infamous Spring cleaning, i would love for you to keep my store in mind - Donations greatly needed!

It's a place (home ec room) where the children can come in a purchase a gift for their Mom & Dad for $2. (Usually $10 - $20 & up gifts). I am always desperately looking for donations (gifts and/or money - I purchase gifts) and if you would like to part with any of your goodies - magazines, papers, albums, projects created, caps,etc., i would find them a loving home ** Ideas are last Q&A on page - scroll down**

Please check out my website & if you can spread the word, I would love it. All advertising, website and goodies come from my family’s generosity - we really sponsored the last 4 years. Last year due to our financial situation, we relied on donations – it took a lot of work, but it was a success.

2010 is going to be my 6th year. 78 kids came through the store in 2009 & I am pleased to say $300 is being donated to the school for reading program purchase.

A HUGE pay-it forward. ** You get to donate something that you don’t' use, fit, enjoy, not the right smell, - in turn a child can do chores to earn money to purchase the gift for $2 (I combine donations - check out my photos). Then the kids can come inside (no parents allowed) where they can take their time perusing the gifts laid out on the tables & take it up to the volunteers where we wrap and help them with a label and send them home. Each gift costs $2 (the gift they receive is $10 & higher in value) - they can only purchase 1 mom & 1 dad gift. All money is donated back to the elementary end of the school (since its younger kids shopping).

I am calling on YOU to help spread the word and make 2010 another exciting year for the kids and teach them about Christmas and the "real" spirit of giving. I tell people to just volunteer once and experience the excitement, joy and things the Children do or say - you would totally give every year with no questions asked.

I still have to put up my 2009 photos and such, just needed to get my 48 hour clock to work right for me - lol...

Thanks again for even taking the time to read this - if you can spread the word and get everyone thinking and participating while spring cleaning - even better!! . Hugs and wishing you all an awesome weekend and joyful holiday!

All information should be on my website, if you have questions, please ask away - that way I can see what I am missing and post accordingly.

To all my "elves" thank you for your continued support - i APPRECIATE you!! To my fellow supporters - i NEED you! To my shoppers, i LOVE DOING THIS for you!

Would love to hear from you - share some love!


aussiescrapper said...

Oh Linda, what a wonderful thing you do, this is a magnificent idea. I bet those kids are truly so glad you do this for them, what a great idea, I wish I lived closer I would love to help you with this idea. I make cards for the old peoples home here and just know how rewarding it can be.

Carla said...

Posted on my blog. Hope you get all the donations you need. What a super idea! You are so sweet to do this :-)

I will keep you in mind when I do my cleaning. I'm sure I can get some donations for you.

Linda Shewchuk said...

thanks AUSscrapper - i do love it, definately appreciated byn the kids - they certainly say the best things.

Thanks Carla - would love the whole pay-it-forward effect to take place - have all your friends post as well. Thanks so much for keeping me in mind - definately a great cause, check out the photos!


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