Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Up to you!! YEEHAW for me!! Giveaway as well

Hi Linda,
We'd like you invite you to our "Sisterhood of Scrap" design team!!! Carla will be sending you a more detailed email shortly!!! Welcome to the sisterhood!!!

YES.... you are reading correctly - i received this just in time (Dec 28th) - as one of my resolutions this year was to work hard on my "storytelling", pump up the creativity!

Well this leads me to one of my first posts for Sisterhood of Scrap!!!! Text Thursday - i am issuing a journalling challenge:
- i want you to record your resolutions
- personal, professional - whatever you want.
- i figure, that not only do we write it down, we put it out there so that we can get the encouragement & guidance from friends & family - what a better way to succeed. Accountability is yours of course, but so much easier when shared with others. You don't have to be a scrapbooker, stamper, card maker, creative person - just be you and put them done - this applies to all!!! for those that do want to get creative, I would be thrilled to see your photo of what you did.

here are Mine:
- 1 pepsi allowed per day (this is a toughie as i am shamefully drinking about 5 or so a day)
- i am going to work at entering contests, submissions, getting my work out there more
- i am going work harder on custom orders
- organizing my scrap area
- setting up the children's play/sleepover/game area
- getting all my year-ends caught up
- starting earlier working on my Children's Christmas Store ( so in need of masive donations this year
- spend less and stretch that dollar more... after this tough year that past i realize how easy it is to just watch everything you saved up go away when economy is tough - want those bills paid off & money back in the bank
- I will get all my paperwork and office back on track (includes linking all the computers)
- set up my Craft Robo and get it working & use it... (yes, I feel bad - had for a few years and used 2 x)
- get some classes going again for scrapbooking - so miss the adult conversation & laughs
- attend some scrap related gatherings - I have met and continue meeting awesome people
- loose weight & exercise - this is a tough one for me - always on the go and then so exhausted, just need my mindset changed and giver'
- see the positive in everything - i have realized since beginning of last year that i have some pretty amazing friends & family in my life, and then I have some that are too high-maintenance, filled with drama and then talk about me behind my back - this is stopping, i don't need it or WANT it anymore...
- i am going to continue singing, dancing and laughing with my fabulous girls at any given moment and continue not caring who or what others think - i will be the role model i have always wanted to be
- i am blessed with health and will keep that a number one factor in my life & in the lives of those i love & hold dearly.
- i will make time for my family at any given moment.

well, i do hope that i will have a ton of you following along with me and keeping me on the path (between the ditches as we say it!). Keeping me in focus and on task - yep, that's what i need from you!! Now who is with me? i can't wait for your comments, and who knows - you may get a pressie!!
Hugs & Beans - and go Live the Life you LOVE baby!!!

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~~Mia~~ said...

Wow Linda, that's a lot of "things" to hold you to this year!!!!!

I have been wanting to do a resolutions page so this is the perfect challenge!


Rachele Funk said...

You go girl! Just remember not to be too hard on yourself and know you are already are doing in great job in so many ways. . .

Thanks for your phone call. You were just what I needed!

Again, WOOT, WOOT on the design team!!!

Love ya!

Jean Marie said...

Congratulations on the DT!
look forward to sharing :)

Best to you on your resolutions this year!!


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