Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scrapbooking Chalks

Scrapbooking Chalks are a great inexpensive way to add color to your scrapbooking page. With a simple set of basic chalks you can add shading, highlighting to your various types of papers, stamping,punch art and die cuts. They will allow you to be more creative and give your scrapbooking layout character.  Be sure when you buy your chalks that they are not just artist's pastel they need to be acid free just like all of the other things you use on your scrapbooking pages.

There are a variety of tools that you can use with chalks including q-tips, cotton balls, eye shadow applicators and tissue. Experiment on a scrap piece of paper with the various tools to see what kind of effects you can get. Start with a light touch you can always add more color. Always start with the lightest color and add to darker when shading.

If you are going to be chalking an embellishment be sure to use extra caution when glueing. The chalk will stick to the glue. Chalk can be used to tint ribbons and fabrics.

To fix mistakes you can use a chalk eraser that is available at most craft stores. Fix mistakes quickly though chalk does become permanent

Chalk does not generally need a permanent fixative, the pigments in chalk become permanently set in just a few hours. You can use a acid free spray fixative available in craft stores but be careful not to spray your photos

Have fun and experiment...let your creativity run wild. Chalks can be a lot of fun !

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