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The other day, i was on a forum discussing vellum and i went and found this information and thought we would all love to have this information! keep on growing and learning in the scrapbooking world!!

You can only apply so much more to your fabulous creativity - please share..

Vellum is a fun way to embellish your pictures and scrapbooking pages as well as create beautiful greeting cards and invitations with added interest and dimension.

Vellum is a fun way to embellish your scrapbook pages to add interest and dimension.  Vellum is available in a wide variety of colors as well as in polka dots, swirls and other patterns.  Paper crafters will also want to experiment with using a wide variety of paperweight from lightweight to heavy to achieve the desired effect.

Vellum is generally used to layer on top of other papers in scrapbooking and for journaling in scrapbook pages. Vellum is also a fun way to embellish handmade greeting cards. Birth announcements, weddings, baby and bridal shower invitations can also be dressed up quickly by printing the information right onto the vellum or print on the bottom sheet and add a thin weight vellum over the top of the typed information for
added interest.

You can hole punch through both layers at the top of your announcement or invitation and lace a slender ribbon through. This will keep the layers of paper together and give a finished look to your card.

When lacing ribbon through a greeting card is not practical you may find that vellum can be tricky to adhere to your other papers. Because vellum is see-through you can also see traditional tape or glue generally used to hold the papers together.  A clever scrapbooker can hide the glue spot with other die cuts, brads, stitching, eyelets, letters, flowers, embellishments that are being used to complete the page.

Using vellum for scrapbook pages can be a really fun option hindered only by your imagination. Think of any material that is partially see-through and consider how it could be applied to your scrapbook pages. For example, vellum creates adorable shower curtains. You could use a shower curtain in a bubble bath scrapbook page or for the bubbles themselves. Other ways to use a vellum shower curtain could be to
highlight pictures with a shower and the song "Wash that man right outta my hair" for a page about breaking up with a boyfriend!

There are lots of ways to use vellum with a page themed for camping or fun in the great outdoors. The obvious choice is to use vellum for wings. From angel wings, butterfly wings or even cute insects on a child's bug collection scrapbook page. Create flies at the picnic or fireflies buzzing around the campfire or glass of the lantern. Try combining red, orange and yellow vellum to create realistic fiery flames, twinkling stars or shining moon.  Use vellum to make a fly attached to the string on a fishing pole or to embellish
the scales on the fish itself, windows on the cabin or waves at the lake.

Wedding pages and velum go together to create champagne glasses or the bride's glass slipper for a fairy tale scrapbook page with her prince charming. Of course, you can't have a bride without a wedding veil and vellum makes the perfect paper medium for paper piecing and paper dolls to embellish your pages. Use vellum to recreate the wedding bouquet and tiered cake top for your scrapbook as well!  If your background page is a darker color cut up small pieces of vellum to scatter around as confetti to add to the celebration!

Vellum makes fun snowflakes, icicles, ice cubes, skating rinks, or any objects related to ice or water. Think of vellum to depict glass items, clear plastic household products and containers, windows and curtains.

Would love to hear from you - share some love!

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